Friday, February 25, 2011

Commission Info.

Commissions: Rules and Regulations

10$ - Sketches Pics
15$ - Inks Pics
20$ - Full Color Pics
+10$ - Additional Characters

Paypal only

Rules (please read if this the first time you gonna commish me or if I update it)

1. Please, tell all of the ff. details:
a. Gender
b. Species
c. Age
d. Fur color and fur patterns (on ears, face, body, tails and so on)*
e. Clothing and it's pattern(if any)*
f. Eye color
g. Hair(if any)*
h. Accessories(if any)*

* - the one with a mark like this means it must have pic, describing it with words isn't enough for
me, put a link of your fursona's ref sheet or any pic that describes the choices with this mark, very
necessary because I'm not much of an english person x.x

2. Always check when my commish status open or not, to avoid sending notes at the wrong time.

3. I won't draw the ff.:

- Open Scat (except for diapers or pants)
- Porn (cub or anything else)
- Nudity (with the naughty bits)
- Musclefurs (overly muscular)
- Gore
- Open Watersports(if it contains dirty bits, pants or diaper wetting is okay)
- Anything overly grossed
- Tortures

4. Anything other than the things I don't want to draw is fine with me. :3

5. Please don't be persistent about asking for a free pic, I only give that to my closest friends or
when I open my request status again.

6. As for Birthday or Special Occasion Commission gifts, please note me at 1 to 2 months in advance until the exact date to avoid any delays, it will be post on the said date or early (say 3-4 days until the said date)

7. Shipping of art price will be announced soon, all the art as followed; Ordinary pic, Badges(coming soon), and gift cards(coming soon). All will be laminated or on photographic papers.

You can note me via @

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